Greetings Alaska Baptists!

I am honored to have this opportunity to share with you some of the refinement and effort which has been underway as we continue to consider and develop the proposed restructuring and rebranding of the Alaska Baptist Convention. Without a doubt, it is as challenging and complex as I thought it would be, and in some areas, much more so. I have been blessed to have communication from a number of you over the past several weeks and I am appreciative of the comments, critiques, and encouragement I have received, on behalf of the work by our Implementation Team.

Please find here a follow-up to the materials I sent out this past June wherein I attempt to clarify some points, rectify some mistakes, and encourage further thought and communication. It is lengthy, but I have attempted to divide the information into categories for easier understanding.

As before, I encourage you to express your thoughts, ideas, and concerns directly to me, if you like. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely fashion and with grace, as you have all shown to me. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting at College Heights Baptist Church in September and would be honored to hear your thoughts in person.

Many blessings to you all,

Tracy Simmons

Vision Implementation White Paper

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