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Contact: Nathaniel Buck, (907)723-1787; pastornathanbuck@yahoo.com

Agape is a church plant that began 6 years ago, and in God’s good kindness we have been gifted a church building. This old church building has parts that have been very well maintained, but other parts that are in need of a remodel. We have numerous projects that different teams will be able to address. Some of these tasks are as follows:
-The biggest task will be replacing the roof, which is a metal roof from the 80’s.
-The ceiling in the fellowship hall is missing a vapor barrier. So the sheetrock on the ceiling needs to be pulled down so a vapor barrier can be installed and then new sheetrock installed, textured, and painted.
-Some dirt work needs to be done on the property to redirect water flow away from the building.
-The exterior of the church needs painting as well as numerous sections of the interior could be repainted as well.
The church can house mission teams in member’s homes or at the church property. There are numerous rooms available to sleep teams, multiple bathrooms, and a shower (just one shower total on the property). Some of these projects, such as painting or drywall, can be done as early as March. Any project on the exterior of the building will need to be in May or later. It would be helpful if we could get a team to do fellowship hall ceiling before Easter, but we understand if that is not possible due to the short notice.
If the teams can help with funding for the projects, that will be tremendously helpful. 

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