Project Description: Project scope is to tear off existing roof, plywood, and TJI’s getting building down to ridgepoles. This is a log building. Removal of undersized ridgepoles and replacing them with properly sized glulams (using a boom truck), shoring up the forward and rear walls with 6x6s that will have poured footers below, reaching up to the new glulams. We will then reinstall with the TJI’s, new roof decking, and reinstall the metal roof. This is very generic information. More specifics can be discussed as needed. We will be making a video to explain and show exactly what is needed and will send that as soon as it is available. This project will take multiple crews over multiple weeks.

Teams are welcome to stay here at the church at no cost. We have approximately 30 sleeping bags and air mattresses as well as pillows, cases, and towels that are all washed between teams. There is a full kitchen available for team use. They are encouraged to bring a person or two to serve as their own cook for meals, however we can also discuss providing meals from congregants in the church depending on the group size. We also have a shower trailer on site with separate male and female sides, each with multiple shower stalls (5 or so on each side).

We recommend teams be made up of older teenagers and adults since much of this project is roof work.

Church: First Baptist Church, North Pole;
Project: Re-roof the Outreach Center
Dates: May 1 to September 1, 2023
Contact Person: Jeff Ling, pastor
Location: 609 E 5th Ave, North Pole, AK 99705
Contact Phone: 907-378-0850
Contact Email:

Materials needed: Most will be provided by host church.
Team may wish to bring gloves and basic hand tools. Most tools should be available and already at the church.

Volunteers Needed: 50
Preferred Team Composition: adults and older teens because this is roof work

Lodging and kitchen available in the church
Shower facilities available
Church vans available for team use
Cost of fast food nearby: $10-$15 per person

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