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Mission Opportunities

Friendship Baptist Mission Construction & Remodeling Project

Project: Construction/Remodeling
Dates: June 1 – August 15, 2020 (flexible)
Contact: David Joseph, pastor | | 907-347-4746 | 907-347-1555
Description: A team is needed to install two egress windows in the basement, where daylight windows currently exist. The city code upgrade will allow for people to sleep downstairs. Also, the team needs to completely remodel the nursery area to
include installation of a kitchenette. The outside of the church building needs to be painted. The team needs to be skilled in framing, electrical, plumbing and window installation. Team should provide own tool belts, cordless drills, circular saw and eye protection. Table saws and other specialty tools can be rented or provided. Housing can be at the homes of members, and at the church. Some meals can be provided but team should be self-sufficient and able to prepare their own meals. Team should bring sleeping mats and sleeping bags.