Man putting money into offering plate as it is passed.

2000 Club Giving

The goal of the 2000 Club is to enlist 2000 persons who commit to contributing $10 per quarter in order to collectively generate $20,000 per quarter to be utilized for capital projects in Alaska churches and ministries. The 2000 Club is to provide funds for selected Alaska Baptist Churches to purchase property, renovate or repair their church facilities. Sponsored by the Alaska Baptist Resource Network, the 2000 Club provides a channel through which Southern Baptists work together in a cooperative mission strategy. Funds collected are sent directly to the designated mission project recipient at the end of each month. 100 percent of contributions goes to the recipient for the quarter.

Participating in the 2000 Club is easy! 

Simply go to our website click on the green “Give” button at the top of the page , choose “2000 Club” from the drop-down menu, and in the memo area note for which quarter you are donating or make a onetime gift for all 4 quarters.

If you prefer to give by check, then make your check payable to Alaska Baptist Resource Network and mark it for the 2000 Club. 

Please note the quarter for which you are contributing. 

Mail payment to 1750 O’Malley Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507. 
For additional information, contact us at 907.344.9627, 800.883.9627,