View of Mount Susitna near Anchorage Alaska.

Mission Opportunities

Journey Church Backyard Bible Clubs

Three teams back to back for Backyard Bible Clubs or Kidz Clubs. The first week the first team will canvass and recruit kids from the local housing areas and beyond – the lake and park are two great places. The second week the second team will conduct VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, and block parties. The team will need to bring or purchase all materials and supplies. The third week the team will do follow-up on all contacts and decisions. More canvassing or work in the parks – HUGE COOK OUT.

Church: Journey Church
Location: Wasilla, AK
Dates: June 1- August 2022(1-3 week)
Volunteers: 3-8 per week
Contact: Bill Little 704.798.9090