Fall mountain view in Chugach National Forest Alaska

Mission Opportunities

Journey Church Sports Clinic Volunteers

Description: three teams back to back for Sports Clinics. Repair local basketball court
at high school – rims, nets, and painting. At the same time advertise about basketball clinics and two on
two and three on three basketball tournament – have a couple of contacts. Conduct clinics and tourney
for two week. Third to fourth week the team will do follow-up on all contacts and decisions. More
canvassing or work in the parks – HUGE COOK OUT and TROPHIES.

Church: Journey Church
Location: Wasilla, AK
Dates: June 1- August 2021 (1-3 week)
Volunteers: 3-8 per week
Contact: Bill Little 704.798.9090 pastorwlittle@gmail.com