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Mission Opportunities

Laverne Griffin Camp – Adult Remodeling Team

Laverne Griffin Camp
Description: The camp is seeking a general construction team with handyman type skills, flooring specific to lay approximately 100 sq. ft. of linoleum, subfloor and possible floor joist to be removed, repaired and replaced in the “Smurf House” where the operations manager lives. Camp cabin facilities are available for a small daily fee to cover meals and other expenses. Meals will be provided by the camp. Camp vehicles will be available. The camp is seeking a team that may also provide any or all the funding toward the materials of the project.
Church: Laverne Griffin Camp
Location: Wasilla, AK
Dates: 1 week, 8/7/22 – 8/12/22
Volunteers: 5 people, Adult remodeling team
Contact: Tracy Simmons,, 907-350-8656