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Mission Opportunities

Solid Rock Bible Camp – Soldotna

Church: Transitional Ministries

Location: Solid Rock Bible Camp in Soldotna

Dates: Arrival: 18 July 2020; Depart: 26 July 2020

Contact: Mike Procter; 907-250-0467

Description: We are looking for a team that can facilitate a volleyball camp that will have 30 campers max, 7th – 12th grade.  It is co-ed but only 1 or 2 guys if any.  1 Court.  Morning session is 2.5 hours.  Afternoon session is 3.5 hours.  We are looking for a coach who can teach fundamentals and also play various games, and provide a spiritual thought on court about being a Christian/ athlete so that chapel and court time are more cohesive and not a continuation of a double life mindset.  We would be interested in 1 or 2 players who would be willing to be counselors/assistant coaches.  

The team must have the knowledge and skill to teach the basics of competitive volleyball. 

Availability of housing: Church

Availability of meals: Church

Availability of transportation: Roundtrip transportation provided from Anchorage to Soldotna.