View of Mount Susitna near Anchorage Alaska.


Meet the Staff

Dr. Randy Covington Executive Director/Treasurer

Duties: oversees the operations of the Alaska Baptist Convention and its agencies
Most Likely To: be climbing a mountain somewhere
Favorite Hobby: fishing
Random Fact: hails from a family of Alaska homesteaders

Jae McKee Director of Missions & Church Planting

Duties: works closely with church planters for training, encouragement and mission involvement
Most Likely To: start a conversation with a stranger
Favorite Hobby: black bear hunting
Random Fact: once revived a dying rooster, after performing surgery to remove cracked corn from his craw; he later named the rooster “Kernel”

Jimmy Stewart Director of Evangelism & Church Development

Duties: assists churches and church plants with evangelistic strategies, healthy church growth, and development, with the goal of an evangelical presence in every city and village in Alaska
Most Likely To: share Christ with anyone he meets
Favorite Hobby: racquetball
Random Fact: has rock-climbed one of the 50 classic climbs in America

Debra Long Operations & Financial Administrator

Duties: does the office accounting, works with policies and procedures, assists churches
Most Likely To: be the last one to leave the office
Favorite Hobby: gardening
Random Fact: can clog, juggle, and face paint, but not all at the same time

Sylvia Rylander Administrative Assistant

Duties: assists the Executive Director; website coordinator
Most Likely To: take a road trip
Favorite Hobby: ringing handbells
Random Fact: has set foot on five continents

Heather headshot

Heather Mount Administrative Assistant

Duties: assists the Director of Missions and Church Planting, and the Director of Evangelism and Church Development
Most Likely To: be outdoors with her family
Favorite Hobby: crafting
Random Fact: she was bitten by a raven in England when she was five years old