1. We wish to extend a trail along the lake edge further south and make a loop to encompass a large portion of the camp property to create a skiing, fat-bike, and running course

2. The use of chainsaws, axes, heavy equipment dozers and loaders, and other land clearing tools would be required.

3. We are working on an estimate for equipment rental costs.

4. We would encourage mission team/partner to raise support for equipment rental cost.

Website: www.lavernegriffincamp.org

Local Expenses
Lodging Cost:
Provided by camp in cabins/bunk house style at a rate of $45 per person/per day for lodging and meals
Lodging Location: LaVerne Griffin Camp
Meals provided by host at a cost of:
Provided by camp in cabins/bunk house style at a rate of $45 per person/per day for lodging and meals
Meals available locally at a cost of:
$17.00 avg per meal, per person at local restaurants

Local transportation provided for the team by hosts at a cost of:
11 passenger van plus two other camp vehicles available for onsite and project use. Recommend van rental for excursions and other travel

Team should bring supplies/materials for the following activities:
supplies can be acquired in-state and delivered to location or picked up at nearby home centers.
Specific supplies/materials needed for this project:
personal tools as desired for type of work. Camp has many project tools onsite, but not complete workshop of every tool. Financial resources toward heavy equipment rental would be appreciated. 

Project Location: LaVerne Griffin Camp 4495 West Little Cloud, Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Baptist Association: Chugach Baptist Association (in partnership with Hatcher Pass Baptist Association)
Project Date: Spring/Summer/Fall 2024

Contact Information:
Tracy Simmons
2222 West 100th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99515
United States

Work Phone:
(907) 350-8656

Email Address:

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